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will_08 30th July 2018 06:27 PM

Harness anchor point

ive got some seats and harness's for a bargain off Ebay, not collected them yet, but the shoulder straps look fairly long. (infact they drape on the floor in the pic)

might not come to this, but would it be acceptable to have the shoulder anchor points on the bottom back chassis rail, instead of the roll bar? like the sides are if you get what i mean :D

any help would be much appreciated

Cheers Will

Ianr 30th July 2018 10:29 PM

I think not - there is a page in the DVLA /DVSA manual which explains seat belts and mounting points and (from memory) they have to run between horizontal and 45 deg down from the shoulder of the person wearing them. At IVA they have a contraption that rests on the seat and measures the belt angles to make sure they comply.

will_08 5th August 2018 06:26 PM

Yup, I get what you mean. Horizontal with the shoulder down must not be greater than 45 degrees!! Ballcocks!!

May just sell them and buy some more in that case

Cheers Will

twinturbo 6th August 2018 06:35 PM

I did not think it mattered where the anchor was as long as the height and forward angles are ok.???

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