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voucht 1st April 2013 09:06 AM

Back on the build!
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Hello everybody,
I'm back from SE Asia. I couldn't really work there, it was too late in the season for them to employ diving instructors, so money ran quicker than expected. I haven't done the big tour I planned, and stayed mostly in Thailand. But I could make good contacts for the future (my booking website), and I had the chance and the opportunity to go two times on a diving trip to Burma (5 day liveaboards). It was just amazing, some of the bast dives of my life: untouched coral reefs, amazing marine life, unexplored dive sites. That was really great!

So, now back in the snow and low temperatures, I want to move forward with the Roadster. I need to try to fit the engine and gearbox into the chassis now, but the chassis is still in the classroom at home, and the engine and gearbox are the garage. I will move the chassis to the garage, but first, I have to get rid if the Sierra shell which occupied the space.

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To kill time last week, I cut the gearbox mounting plates. It was not much to do, and definitely the last thing I could do before moving the chassis.

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As the guy who is supposed to buy the Sierra couldn't come this week end, and as I can't wait to start again working on the Roadster like a little child, yesterday, I pulled the Sierra shell out of the garage to make space. Normally, today, I'm going to move the chassis and all the tools from the classroom to the garage, and I can start the first engine/gearbox fitting trials.

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I haven't been very active on the forum while I was away: the internet connexion where I stayed was really crappy and no internet on the diving boat of course (but honestly, I had other things in my mind anyway :) ). I tried to catch up when I came back last Sunday, and I saw that most of you guys did great progresses on your builds, so congratulations to everyone. Now I have to catch up!

Keep you posted.



ayjay 1st April 2013 10:06 AM

Welcome back
Looking forward to seeing your progress:)

thailoz 2nd April 2013 12:14 AM

welcome back and thank you for your email you have been a great help:D

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