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old_bill 5th October 2020 03:59 PM

Headlights staying on.
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Wired up headlights but they wonít go off. They all work perfectly ie side, dip, beam and flash. Side lights come on from stalk and the mains come on from ignition. There is a black and brown connected to pin 56 on both stalks and lights operate when this is earthed. Any help appreciated.
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Tatey 5th October 2020 08:39 PM

Bill, it sounds like there is either a faulty switch or a short circuit on the main headlight circuit.

If you disconnect 56A do they still come on with the ignition? If do come on even with it disconnected it sounds like a faulty relay.

If they don't come on with it disconnected it sounds like a faulty headlight switch.

old_bill 6th October 2020 05:08 PM

Hi Tatey
Did as you suggested. Lights stay on when disconnected.
Checked relays and stalks (have spares and replaced). Still have continuous circuit. I canít fathom how the lights are operated from the right hand stalk. I connected pin 30 to +ve and when in second position pin 56 lights the test lamp. I thought this pin was the earth. I think Iíve just done something stupid, but for the life of me canít figure out what.

twinturbo 6th October 2020 09:18 PM

These sierra stalk/wiring? if so what year so i can dig out the diagram

old_bill 6th October 2020 10:37 PM

Hi Twinturbo
They are sierra stalks from 1992 sapphire 1.8cvh. Iíve spent days trying to figure out whatís wrong. I have two fused wires from the battery to pin 30 on the relays. Two wires from the ignition to pins 86 on relays. Pins 87 on the relays activate headlights. Pin 56b ( brown & white ) to 85 on dip relay and 56a to 85 on
High beam relay. Brown and black from pin 56 on right hand stalk to 56 on left hand stalk, this is earthed.
The dipped lights come on when ignition switched on (pos 2) even though position 2 on light stalk not activated. The lights work fine when left hand switch is put on high beam or flash. POS 1 on light stalk activates side lights. Bloody things wonít go off until ignition off or disconnect 56 from earth.
I have changed relays and stalks but still the same problem.

Tatey 7th October 2020 09:18 AM

Bill, if you have grounded pin 56 that is connected to both switches this sounds like it is your issue.

Both switches should have ground on pin 15 and pin 31 not on 56. Pin 56 just needs to be connected between the two switches.

Grounding pin 56 is by passing two of the switches.

old_bill 7th October 2020 02:05 PM

Thanks Tatey you were dead right. Just had to earth to pin 31 and headlights now working fine.
Feel a bit like that guy in the Simpsons DOHh :) :)
Many thanks youíve made me a happy man :)

Tatey 7th October 2020 05:39 PM

I'm pleased I could be of help and that it was a simple fix!

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