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will_08 7th March 2018 11:43 AM

Fuel tank
Hi guys

Can anyone tell me if this fuel tank will be ok for my sierra based build? Outlet/inlet wise


Cheers Will

garyout 7th March 2018 12:40 PM

Hi Will

So it has fuel out and a return will you put breather in filler neck?, Also are you going with fuel injection as I'd imagine a separate swirl pot would be required.


Ps tank looks very wide

SteveH1 7th March 2018 02:26 PM

Pm k4kev on the forum here he was making them before

jps 7th March 2018 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by garyout (Post 105914)
tank looks very wide

Yeah - i don't have the 'old Book' to hand - but I am sure I have seen tanks like that described as for the Locost rather than the Haynes?

To be fair - the dimensions are there in the listing so you can mock it up from cardboard then see if it'll fit in your chassis?

EDIT: sorry your OP talks about inlet/outlet - I would be inclined to mock it up then look at where you are likely to have to run the fuel line and whether it looks awkward. I would think almost any outlet point could be could be made to work though....

voucht 9th March 2018 03:23 PM

Distance between D13 tubes is 627mm, so this tank will fit your Roadster.
As said above, it has a filler neck, a fuel out and a return, so that is the minimum. But it does not have an integrated swirl pot, so you will need a separated one if you go for fuel injection.

BUT, dimensions are small IMHO, the volume is only 21 litres. Even smaller than the one from the book (24 litres IIRC)!

I have a 34 litres tank from K4KEV (bigger volume than the one from the book, because he makes it taller). With my old 2.0i DOHC engine and a "sporty" driving (high rev, etc.), I consume about 12L/100km, so I barely make more than 250km with a full tank, in spite of its extended volume. Which means that with a 21 litres tank as the one you consider buying, I would have to go to the gas station every 150km, so I'm happy with a bigger tank :)

So, as said above, try to contact K4KEV on this forum. If you want, I can send you his personal email address by PM, just ask. I hope he is still doing fuel tanks though.

I got my fuel tank from him. IIRC, price was about 130 for this 34 litres tank, so pretty cheap. But it was 5 years ago... Kevin does a great work, the tank is baffled, it has an integrated swirl pot at the bottom, a filler neck, 2 in's on top (return, anti-roll valve, etc.), 1 out at the bottom (on the swirl pot). I have fuel injection, and I don't have an extra swirl pot, and never had fuel starvation problems with this tank. I asked him to put the filler neck and in's on the left side as I have a LHD Roadster.

Pictures of my tank on this page:

Hope that will help :)

Ianr 9th March 2018 04:15 PM

I am helping a friend with his roadster build and contacted Kev a few weeks ago about another tank. He said that at the moment he was out of ally and gas and was not doing a tank but may in the future. If you do contact him remind him about my request, two tanks may just persuade him to do some more. I have one like Sylvain and it is excellent and helps me go farther than others in my local kit car club without having to stop for fuel

will_08 9th March 2018 06:12 PM

thanks for the feedback guys, i'll give him a shout :)

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