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dean211277 1st March 2016 06:52 PM

Steering column
I am currently stripping my donor eunos roadster and selling the bits as I go.
Do I keep the steering column? Can it be mated to the mk2 escort rack?
Also it is power assisted which seems a bit of an over kill. So should I sell it and get a manual mx5 rack or sell and get a Sierra rack.
I'm using talons chassis kit if that makes any difference

Thanks Dean

garyout 1st March 2016 08:35 PM

Hi Dean

Yep keep the column you then mate that to a mk2 escort steering rack get an extension and uj I used rally design to get my bits if you get stuck I will dig out part no's for you


dean211277 1st March 2016 08:46 PM

Thanks, some part numbers would be very handy thanks.
I take it I am best to ditch the power steering bits.

SteveH1 1st March 2016 09:30 PM

Yea ditch it all

garyout 2nd March 2016 07:03 PM


Yea throw rack and that way.

Rally design is were I got few bits from

RD848 ally rack clamps
RD870 2.9 escort quick rack
RD813 lock nuts for escort rack
RD848 steering column shaft

Euro car parts or Ebay

Drag links to go in top front wishbone for Talons parts are FAI SS919 x2
Rack extensions mx5 to escort got from ebay

Cheers mate Garf

twinturbo 4th March 2016 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by garyout (Post 103116)

Yea throw rack and that way.


Sell it, or stick it in the loft and sell it in 20 years if it's worth nowt now ;)


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