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Ianr 23rd December 2018 10:19 PM

I cannot believe this
Not long ago this was a very vibrant and active forum. Over the 2 years it tool me to build my roadster it was a constant source of information and interest in others projects. I still look at this forum each day. Where have all the builders gone? I am also on facebook where I find a lot of activity. I cannot believe that Haynes Rooadsters are not still being built. Why is it that this - dedicated - forum has become so very inactive?

rpjg1975 24th December 2018 04:59 PM

It does seem to have had a major drop since I started my build many many years ago. I do still use it as a reference tool but there doesn’t seem to be much action day to day

twinturbo 24th December 2018 05:50 PM

It's winter.


The books is no longer relevant as it references the sierra as the donor, so it's no longer a VIABLE build. That means there is little new interest. ( The sierra forum itself is very quiet as the ENTHUSIASTS have been priced out of the market, same on the XROC forum. )

It's also much more difficult to build now, not only has the donor become expensive, but nobody builds Chassis, Chassi Kits, Etc.. Body work is difficult to source.

So the stream of new builders is so much slower.


DavidHmx5 26th December 2018 08:12 AM

Also not as easy to join this site as registration button is suspended. Have to email admin to get an account.
I'm just starting my build (mx5 based if you couldn't guess) so will post on here in the hope that someone may reply to my issues.
Locost site is still active and does seem to have a considerable knowledge of the roadster so this is where I tend to go for info atm.

Ianr 26th December 2018 02:19 PM

Well done managing to get yourself registered, a lot give up and go elsewhere. There is a lot of experience on this forum with MX5 engined Roadsters, I am sure almost any question can be answered - or already has! (In which case the search facility is invaluable)
It's good to see a new build!

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