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tfletcher 10th October 2019 06:46 PM

Fx5 Roadster Kits
Just to let you know Sam Fletcher Racing is now building and supplying locost kits Called the FX5 Based on the Mazda MX5 as a donner car the kits are very well made very rigid and easy to Build they have been designed to take away the main fabrication as sam says most people can use spanners but very few people have the fabrication skills and equipment that is needed to build safe and usable chassis. Starter kits are available from as little as 500 which is cheaper than a flat pack kit all other parts needed to complete the build can also be supplied also complete cars can be supplied for more information on the FX5 Roadster contact sam on 07495546601 or email us at trevorfletcher46@gmail.com

Ianr 15th October 2019 09:47 PM

Well done - good to see anyone making a prefabricated chassis kit - especially an MX5 based one - hope it goes well!

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