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wylliezx9r 20th November 2010 03:23 PM

Handbrake cable Joiner (help needed please)
Hi everybody,

I'm currently installing my handbrake cable obviously I need to shorten the cable, im going to do it at the handbrake end. My question is does anybody know where i can get a cable joiner to rejoin the cable after I've shortened it ? I have used google etc but have had no luck.

Many thanks Dan

ozzy1 20th November 2010 04:05 PM

Use wire rope clamps.Should be available from most DIY shops or from boat shops.

Jeze2903 3rd December 2010 06:42 PM

I got a small piece of 5mm dia, I think, steel rod drilled a hole up the centre threaded cable through and carefully welded it. Also prior to fitting cable, cross drilled a hole through the rod and also filled with weld. Car not on road yet, but have used the handbrake many times whilst moving the car around and so far no problems.

georgenewman1 3rd December 2010 08:16 PM

do what i did, wait till your other casr brakes down then when the rac come out to fix you ask them for one, they have the sierra disk cable end in their van stock

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