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bentovey 30th May 2019 10:46 AM

Rear camber issues
Hi all, Iím currently building a Haynes Roadster using talons tmxr chassis and wishbones
Iím having some problems with rear camber, Iíve attached the mx5 rear hub to the wishbones with the top adjusters half way out, put the shock and wheel on and have 5 degrees of negative camber. Iím thinking that if I try to move the adjusters further out the thereís not going to be enough thread left to hold them in place.
Has anyone else had this problem? If so how was is rectified
Many thanks

bentovey 30th May 2019 01:37 PM

Not my photo but the same setup

bentovey 1st June 2019 08:15 AM

So Iíve adjusted the camber to negative 1 degree which only leaves 4 threads in the wishbone. Can anyone tell me if itís acceptable to extend the threaded section by say 30-40mm?

Numplumb 1st June 2019 12:35 PM

Hi my wishbones were made by Talon for Haynes chassis with alterations to Saturn plans, they must be different from yours though because I only have adjusters on the bottom wishbone.
It seems to me that only having that small amount of thread would be dangerous.
Can't you move the wishbone anchor points out?.

Regards Mick.

bentovey 3rd June 2019 05:51 PM

Thanks Mick. I think what Iím planning , before I start chopping off mounting points is make a longer set of adjusters (maybe 100mm of thread) and see how that goes. Then if that doesnít work Iíll adopt your idea and move the mountings

twinturbo 15th June 2019 10:19 PM

that's going to change the swing geometry though... Not sure what effect it will have.

bentovey 18th June 2019 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by twinturbo (Post 106400)
that's going to change the swing geometry though... Not sure what effect it will have.

Which? Moving the brackets or lengthening the adjusters

bentovey 18th June 2019 06:46 PM

I thought the geometry would be set by the lower wishbones as they have no adjustment. Itís the top wishbone adjusters that will be lengthened

twinturbo 18th June 2019 07:19 PM

It's more complex, get some card and paper fasteners and you will see.

If both arms are the same length then the the movement of the hub will stay paralel. and the camber of the wheel will not change relative to the chassis.

But if one arm is shorter than the other you will begin to create an ARC, it may be minor and of no consequence. but the wheel camber will alter as the suspension is loaded. This is not necessarily undesirable, and may be part of the original haynes suspension design.

bentovey 18th June 2019 09:10 PM

That makes a lot of sense Iíll measure both the upper and lower wishbones

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