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Johno 9th October 2011 06:37 PM

What shocks?
Hi guys,
Ok soon gonna need some shocks for rolling chassis so what type, where from and how much will they cost?;)


brainbug007 9th October 2011 07:13 PM

Both the protech and gaz shocks are really good. I've got protech personally. I paid about 350 quid for them, defiantly one of the most expensive parts of the build :|

chrisponter 9th October 2011 07:13 PM

It's detailed in the book, in the part section at the front. Coilovers, 13" open 9" closed. You can buy them from companies like gaz or protech, and Saturn sports cars do them too.

shh120m 9th October 2011 07:34 PM

Go for Protech, they are much better made for the price. Service is spot on too, they even answer the phone at 7am! 13 open 9 inch closed 34mm bush

spud69 10th October 2011 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by Johno (Post 66239)
Hi guys,
Ok soon gonna need some shocks for rolling chassis so what type, where from and how much will they cost?;)


For the Mx-5 chassis John you can go for the same as the book, only thing i would recommend to change is stiffer springs on the rear, 250lb, it gives a stiffer and better feel to the rear of the car.


baz-r 10th October 2011 06:37 PM

13" open and 9" closed with a one inch extension are expensive and only availble from a few suppliers if you use a shock that is 14" open and 9.5" closed you can used any make coilover type shock as its a std size
i have gaz units (without extension)and the bottom front lower wishbone shock bracket needs a small amount ground off

see this http://www.haynes.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=5820

robo 11th October 2011 07:41 PM

I found some shocks in the worshop off a jag back end xj12/6 they to are 13" open and 9" closed. Coil overs but non adjustable. Before i get shouted down i was thinking that they might be an ok stop gap for those not ready to pay shed loads for a spax/gaz/protec coil over set up. Jaguar supply plastic shims to tailor the ride height and they are cheap second hand, springs are easily avaiable in different rates.



MikeB 12th October 2011 12:10 PM

I guess if the open closed lengths are a match they will fit and get you iva'd
But as a jag would weigh a lot more than a 7 I would guess the damper rates would be very high, giving a harsh skittish ride.
I'm sure someone could revalve them?

So for four new ones with springs you'd be up at 200 against 300-350 for a decent set. If the jag ones are the way forward to get you running I'd probably get some cheap second hand ones and put the 200 towards some proper coilovers when funds allow.

I'm sure its been said before, these car are all about the handling, but each ones tailored for each owner in terms of price, perforamce, spec so make it your own, as long as your happy with it thats the important thing

Johno 14th October 2011 08:56 PM

Hi guys,
Thanks for the info, been some interesting comments. Hopefully this weekend will get a chance to look around for some on the net, so if anybody has a site to check out please let me know. :D
Can't wait to get a rolling chassis on the go. Tacked my suspension mounts on today and its starting to resemble a car......


brainbug007 14th October 2011 09:26 PM

Must say it was great once I got mine rolling. Did really make it look like a car :) My avatar is still my 1st proper pic of the car once I rolled it out the garage for the 1st time. I would seriously consider saturn though for your shocks & springs. I got mine on a group by and there wasn't really a big difference in the price, plus you'll get really good service as well :)

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