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Johnnybizzle 15th July 2010 02:27 PM

IVA Application
Hi Guys,

Just filing out my application form, got stuck at a couple of points looking for advise.

Maximum design speed - should i put 110mph which ive been told it will do or 70 in theory i wont be goin any faster?

Design weights-
Axle 1
Axle 2
Axle 3
Towable Mass

Spec. is honda cbr1000 roadster, roll cage, 2mm box section frame, sierra running gear, ali panels

i was thinking about 600kgs gross weight plus driver, how does this split into axle weights?

any help would be appriceated

regards Jon

AshG 15th July 2010 05:38 PM

you only need axle 1 and 2 plus gross.

Like adrian i did 450kg 450kg and 900kg. my max speed i put at 118 if it doesnt sound realistic then they wont like it.

Johnnybizzle 15th July 2010 09:13 PM

thanks guy, wanting to get paper work off this weekend, another question... do i send all my photos of the build as evidence with application or take on the day??

After the IVA do i go and see the nice people at DVLA with the cert and let them sort out registration and DVLA inspection (what does that entale?)

regards Jon

AshG 15th July 2010 10:48 PM

keep the pictures for the day. you will also need the pictures and receipts for the dvla to hand over the counter with the registration froms

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