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jason 82 11th February 2018 11:30 AM

Reverse gear for bike engined cars
Hi everyone, I was just looking at a bike engined option for my car & got me thinking about the reverse gear. Loads of kits start at a grand, then I came across a reverse gear motor by wosperformance.co.uk. it's roughly 4kg in weight, peak draw is 40amps, so a relay & heavy duty cable is required, but at only 295 including vat it's a viable option. I am not electrical minded, but I am sure that this gear could be actuated by a push button on the dash, obviously you need a safety to only allow it to be engaged in neutral.
I have approached wosperformance.co.uk for a wiring diagram, as soon as I get it I will share it up on this thread.
You can't buy direct from wosperformance.co.uk, so you need to go to their vendor www.ccw-tools.com, part number is LMS362. in case you want yo call them : 01522 888178. I hope this helps someone else !

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