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KennyH 26th September 2014 05:17 PM

2 Major components?
Hi I'm new here.

The 7 style car build has always been on my to do list so I'm thinking it's time to do it since I'm not getting younger.

I'm think I want to go MX5 based, probably using a Talon chassis, but in an ideal world I'd like a bike engine instead of the standard unit. which brings me to the question.....

To get a age related plate you have to prove you used 2 major components from the donor, what parts would count as "major components"? Obviously if I used the engine and box there would be very little argument against getting an age related plate but if I replaced them with a bike unit? Would say, the diff and breaks count?

Looking at the cost of reverse boxes it might just have to be MX5 powered as the budget might not stretch to it, and for practical reasons I don't fancy electric reverse, but you never know.



K4KEV 26th September 2014 08:31 PM

Hi Kenny and welcome...I got an arp with just the steering rack and rear axle being the 2 minimum components, these were from a sierra... my power comes via a stage 2 nissan 200x s13 lump....pretty mental....enjoy the build.

alga 28th September 2014 12:11 PM

There's more than the cost of the reverse box as arguments against bike power. If you want your car for anything more than track racing, a car engine will be easier to live with. The bike's clutch is made for the total weight half the weight of a roadster, hence it will wear out quickly. A high-revving bike engine will be unpleasant in traffic or when just cruising.

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