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jesse 22nd March 2009 11:39 AM

Hi everyone,

I agree with "Fabbyglass": it's logically impossible to begin the car building if we don't know accurately the regulations and that's why I've asked all these questions through this forum.

I'm used in my job as well as in my hobby (car racing on circuit) to know exactly the regulations limits and so I'm going to take the time to collect all the information about the IVA before doing something.

David, maybe my spelling is better than yours but it takes me "tons" of time more than you to write a message ! lol ;)

A Renault 4 with a bike engine ! Mecanically, the British will always surprise me.


Laurent 18th February 2016 09:02 PM

Hi Jesse, sorry...just found your private message... . Did you received more answears about passing an Haynes Locost from Chris Gibbs to IVA ?
Is it an european document ?

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