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jesse 8th March 2009 09:27 PM

How to register in England a ”Gibbs roadster’
I’m French and I bought the french version of the ”Build Your Own Sports Car on a budget” book a few months ago. In this version, all the information about the registration are for passing the car in France (in fact, very difficult or nearly impossible except), and although I nearly read all the forum discussions in the ”SVA-legal” topic, it’s hard for me to understand the correct procedure about the car registration in England.

 Is that procedure well explained in the english version of the book because MoT, SVA, IVA, VIN numbers, Q plates, engine emissions according to the year and so on are like ”chinese language” for me.

 Is it possible to have a left hand drive car registrered in England ? The donor car must be an english registered vehicule ?

 Can some kind people explain me, as clear as possible for a foreigner, how to register in England a ”Gibbs roadster’’?

Thanks for your help,


fabbyglass 8th March 2009 09:37 PM

Yes mate build the car to suit the SVA IVA then book a test here then trailer it over and hopefully pass the test then with a nice friendly forum member as a postal address register the car here then take it home to France...:)

jesse 8th March 2009 11:07 PM

register rules

One of my brothers has been working in England for about 10 years so the problem is not the address but the information I've asked for...

Thank u for your interest,


dogwood 9th March 2009 08:38 AM

Hi Jesse

First question, Is your car finished and ready for its test?
If so then be quick and you may be able to get it SVA'd

You need to download the SVA1 form ( I don't have the link but someone will add it i'm sure)

Then you need to send it off along with pictures of your build ( This is to prove you have built it)

Also you need to send off all the receipts of the parts for the car, along with a receipt for your donor car.

And a cheque for £190 i beleive it is.

As for the VIN number, this idealy should be 17 caracters long and stamped onto the chassis.

Hops this is helpfull
I'm in Angouleme 16 where are you?


SeriesLandy 9th March 2009 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by jesse (Post 11771)
 Is that procedure well explained in the english version of the book because MoT, SVA, IVA, VIN numbers, Q plates, engine emissions according to the year and so on are like ”chinese language” for me.

  • mot-A Test to see if the car is road worthy (you don't need one for the 1st 3 years after it is registered
  • sva-Single Vehicle Approval Current test to get the car registered
  • iva - Individual Vehicle Approval approval coming in soon
  • vin - chassis number stamped in the car (if your car is a sierra there are two, one under the bonnet and 1 next to drivers seat under a plastic flap in the carpet.
  • q plate - A non transferable registration plate if you cannot prove the age of the donor car.
  • engine emissions - All depends on the engine that you will be using

jesse 9th March 2009 06:06 PM

Thank you for your answer Dogwood,

Before building the car, I need to know how to comply with the english register rules as they probably will determine the engine choice as well as others components and even the donor car. So I guess it will be to late to pass the SVA because I read somewhere that it's going to be replaced by the IVA but I don't know more about it.

Your answer is helpful but it's not enough yet to begin the very first welding point. I've checked in the DVLA and in the Department for Transport websites and haven't to found the SVA1 form.

I live near Marseille (13).

Have you built a car ?


dogwood 9th March 2009 07:04 PM

Hi Jesse

If you haven't started building yet then you won't be able to go for the SVA
That is due to finish the end of April

You will have to go for the new IVA.
I cannot help you with that,
At the moment I don't think any one can help you as it has not been finalised.

All I can suggest is you take plenty of pictures whilst you are building
And get as many English receipts as you can.
This will help with getting your car registered.

Yes I have finished my car

Hope this helps

jesse 9th March 2009 07:05 PM

Thanks a lot Steve,

I'm gonna read the 200 pages IVA draft. I don't know the SVA test, is someone knows if the IVA test is going to be harder, compared to the SVA's.

What I need to know to choose the engine ? Must I use the donor car's engine ?

How to choose the VIN number for an amateur built vehicule ?


dogwood 9th March 2009 07:13 PM

No you don't have to use the donor car engine.
But it could be easier to use it and change it after the IVA.
depending on what engine you are intending to use.

The VIN number usualy is 17 numbers and letters.
You can use your own made up one, but some DVLA offices don't like it.

I used my own numbers, made up from my birth date and the date I finished the build


flyerncle 9th March 2009 08:44 PM

Off the subject Dogwood, the van in the background of your picture of that ace roadster is it a 2cv or Diane,I have been looking for one in England but hard to find.


jesse 9th March 2009 09:16 PM

Thanks David,

Your car is nice and you're a lucky man.

According to your comments, I need to keep all the english receipts so that means I need to buy all the parts, materials and the donor car in England ?


dogwood 10th March 2009 08:54 AM

Hi Jesse

I have sent you a Private message.

Not sure how you would get on using a French registered car as a donor.
In theory I can see no problems, but this is the British system you are dealing with..:mad:

Flyerncle... It's a Renault 4 Forgon...Picture taken in France.
I'm thinking of a BEC conversion for it...:eek: :D


Regis 11th March 2009 12:24 AM

hi guys
i m building a haynes roadster too, not finished
i was thinking to register it in england, i'm in france
but what s the difference between SVA and IVA?


dogwood 11th March 2009 08:57 AM

The main difference is £300 plus at last count...:mad:

SVA £190...IVA £500 plus...

The rest is not too bad for a Haynes Roadster.
As I understand it, the IVA has not been finalised so who knows...


flyerncle 11th March 2009 01:01 PM

Dont do it David save the engine for something good !
Sorry Renault lovers !

dogwood 12th March 2009 08:36 AM

Yea.. But think of the looks I would get when I started it up in the local supermarket carpark....:D :D


flyerncle 13th March 2009 05:52 PM

I have seen a 2cv avec V8 !

jesse 15th March 2009 09:06 PM

Hi David,

Thanks for your infos. I've spend the last days to get information about SVA standard test and french regulations. It seems that the IVA will replaced the SVA in April, according to the N° 2007/46/CE european directive, as well as our french "single vehicule approval".

But I haven't managed to find a complete list (with all the dimensions (mirrors, lights position, seats and belts anchorages...), values (exhausts emissions, brakes, noise...) that are checked during SVA tests.

I think you brought your car to SVA test in january 2009, so you must have follow a checklist to be sure about the SVA compliance.
But there are still lots of questions without responses yet.

Is your car based on a Ford Sierra donor car ? What are your car's caracteristics ?

In this case, for example, the age of your car will be the one of the donor car or it will be considered as a new vehicule ?
And what about the exhauts emissions rule ?

Once your car have passed the test, do you receive a conformity certificate (conformity to english regulations ? To european regulations (I think maybe with the IVA test) ?

What is a BEC conversion ? (I'm speaking of your Renault 4 Fourgon, of course).



dogwood 16th March 2009 10:19 AM

Hi Jesse.

Wow a lot of questions....

Easy one first...
you will read a lot of people refering to BEC and CEC
This is BEC = Bike engined car. CEC = Car engined car

A lot of people are now using big bike engines for their cars (BEC)
They make good track cars because of the power to weight is so good.
Personaly I prefer a standard car engine for the road (CEC)

My car is based on a Ford Sierra 1987 with a standard 1800cc Pinto engine
So the car is registered as a 1987
The emissions are also based on a 1987

The SVA test is to check it conforms to British regulations
I think the new IVA will need to conform to European regulations
(I'm not entirly sure about this) And yes the SVA is due to finish in April.
The IVA regulations ( As I understand it) have not been finalised yet, so cannot say how they will be different from the SVA test.

I built my car up during all of 2008, basicly exactly to the Haynes Roadster book. So I knew it would be OK for the SVA test.

The good thing about this Forum and also the locostbuilders.co.uk Forum
You can ask questions whilst you are building. Because you will find people have already found the answers to most of the problems you are lightly to encounter. So there is always some one that can give you the answer you are looking for.

Just one thing Jesse Mate......How come your English speling is better than mine?????? LOL


fabbyglass 17th March 2009 05:55 PM

It seems the SVA is defunct yet the powers that be haven't issued the new regs for IVA so how can anyone build to a set of regs that don't really exist.
Regs on seats keep changing so christ knows what else will and how often.:confused: ...politicians really get up my beak.....:p !!!

jesse 22nd March 2009 11:39 AM

Hi everyone,

I agree with "Fabbyglass": it's logically impossible to begin the car building if we don't know accurately the regulations and that's why I've asked all these questions through this forum.

I'm used in my job as well as in my hobby (car racing on circuit) to know exactly the regulations limits and so I'm going to take the time to collect all the information about the IVA before doing something.

David, maybe my spelling is better than yours but it takes me "tons" of time more than you to write a message ! lol ;)

A Renault 4 with a bike engine ! Mecanically, the British will always surprise me.


Laurent 18th February 2016 09:02 PM

Hi Jesse, sorry...just found your private message... . Did you received more answears about passing an Haynes Locost from Chris Gibbs to IVA ?
Is it an european document ?

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