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james737800 21st June 2011 08:03 AM

how to reg a roadster in rep of ireland
hi im new to site and new to building a roadster. im wondering if its possible to build and reg a roadster for road use her in ireland tried to contact our nct centers (your mot) but they less than helpfull. i know can reg it here if has been built in uk and imported but totally unsure bout new build here. hopefully goin to use mine when done for hill climbs and track days, but would love to be able to use on road legally. any info would be great.

Darryl 21st June 2011 10:16 PM

Hi there.
I am also in the same situation and i have done a fair amount of homework on it. I am still unsure of a few things but i have a fair amount learnt over the last week.
Firstly anyway you need to have an IVA done. I never taught you needed one in Ireland but i only found out today that you need one.
I imagine that it is very similar if not the same thats used in the uk.
Next you can register the car. you need to pay VRT. this is probobly the most painful thing to do in the whole process.
VRT is calculated on the open market selling price of the car and the Co2 emmissions of the engine used. So if they value the car at 10,000 and your engine has a co2 emissions value of 24% then you pay 24% of the 10,000. also you need to prove to them your car is ....% co2 emissions or you will be put into the highest co2 band which is 36% :(
your tax is also based on the co2 emissions.
youl be given a brand new plate and Then you are free to drive on the road for 4 years until u must nct and so on.

Basicially, its not easy... the VRT is the biggest issue in my eyes! :eek:
Thats the result from the huge number of phone calls i have made to NCT centres, garages, the RSA, revenue offices and a few other kit car owners!

Darryl !

james737800 22nd June 2011 05:13 PM

ah thanks for the info it helps alot vrt should not be that dear for me goin using a bike engine so low co2 rating. i keep in touch wit you to see how we getting on
cherrs again for info.


martin62 22nd June 2011 06:18 PM

With a bike engine there is no emissions Co2 values so they stick you in the high vrt bracket 36% which means 2200 euro road tax.Aidan

james737800 23rd June 2011 10:25 AM

Awh it cant cost that much surely. I wonder is there away round it? If not think project goin to be called off. Where or who would have to do the iva on the car?

MarkB 23rd June 2011 12:33 PM

Can you buy a car over here and take it back to Ireland? If so why not do what French folk have to do and build the car then bring it to the UK to IVA and register over here(sure someone would help out with this bit) then take it back home...would that work?:)

flyerncle 23rd June 2011 01:02 PM

As above what is to stop you owning a car registered in the uk and keeping it in the south ,it was done previously in NI with some of the undesireables I used to know.

Darryl 23rd June 2011 01:14 PM

look up
for the iva ect for ireland.
If we were to bring a vehicle from the Uk, we would still have to pay VRT which works out about the same at the end of the day.
For us in Ireland, its a very costly project!

james737800 24th June 2011 11:23 AM

thanks for your help lads much appericated.
theres no way i could afford to spend tat much on tax for a year pure madness.
i am going to continue with the build and use it for track days, hill climbs and try a little auotcross.
cherrs and thanks

transverse 24th June 2011 05:55 PM

Revenue are pretty tight on this now.
ROI residents are not permitted to drive non ROI registered cars (some limited exclusions)
They will just take the car from you unless you can prove residency up North.

My wife brought her car in from the UK after living there for 4 years and the documentation they wanted to proved she was actually living there on a day to day basis was huge to get the Transfer of Residence VRT exemption. When the regitration document came through it was markedup as such and a writen instruction that only the 2 of us could drive it for the next 12 months!

They want their money and will not be stopped!!!

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