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Bonzo 27th November 2016 12:30 PM

CBS Instrument set
What do folk think of this budget Instrument set from Car Builder Solutions ?


Very low price point at 238.80.

I could live with the Rev counter being 10mm bigger than the Speedo & the Speedo having a slightly different besel.

Just wouldn't like to shell that amount if they are going to be poor quality or unreliable.

Pehaps someone has bought a set & could give a honest review.

Don't really want to spend 800 :eek: on a set of smiths gauges if there is a lower cost option. :)

An instrument set is probably the most expensive item I need to complete my build.

rpjg1975 27th November 2016 08:24 PM

Not particularly helpful but I paid 80 for a set off the bay of theives because someone spelt gauges wrongly and had them finishing at 3pm on a weekday!!! The were originally from greengauges.com. Custom design etc so well worth a look?

Rosco 28th November 2016 08:55 PM

How about a digi dash?


alga 9th December 2016 01:29 AM

Me, I snatched on ebay an analogue set of VDO gauges for 50 quid off some Westfield, and then bought a digital, metric VDO Vision speedo for 230 more pounds or so.

But before that I drove for a year or two with the Sierra's cluster. I used quick epoxy and later hot melt glue to stick the cluster to the piece of perspex, but it kept falling off.

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