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geeman 25th August 2009 11:25 AM

Fuel and Brake lines
i still am really abit confused about what i should be doing here. I know a few people have bought their fuel lines from b&q, but im not sure what ti buy. Also what tooling is required for fitting both the brake and fuel lines. For the brake lines are there kits or somthing like that availeable with most of the stuff requred to make them.

Lastly what clips did people use to secure the lines, and where could i get them from. oh yeah, and before i forget, what fitments or connectors are required, as on the bits that go on the ends of the tubing.

Ive been keeping myself from doing this for the last week, and havtn touched the car because of it. :o :rolleyes:

gus 25th August 2009 11:58 AM

For fuel pipe in the transmission tunnel I used 8mm microbore copper pipe from b&q.

Brake pipe is either 3/16" copper or kunifer from your local motorfactors.
The fittings if using the sierra brakes are all M10 thread. Motorfactors would also be able to supply these.

You will need a brake pipe flaring tool kit to do the ends of the pipes. Mine also had formers big enough to flare the end of the fuel pipe, but you could solder an ordinary plumbers olive on to form a lip for the rubber pipe to push over.

To secure both the brake pipes and fuel pipe I bought some plastic 'P' clips from RS components. 8mm for fuel pipe, 5mm for brake pipes.

Hope this helps.


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