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Well, 3 weeks ago I knew I had a week off and the intention was to rework the rear uprights check the suspension and then pull the diff and engine so I could prep the chassis. a few other jobs were planned on other things including pulling the twin turbo engine from my XR4x4.....

Then I find I have a hernia so all heavy jobs are off..

So. My week has not gone according to plan.

So this week I have done many small jobs on my Sapphire 24V, fitted the security, refitted the dash and most of the interior.

I have done the plugs on my Volvo, and done oil and filters on the Galaxy, I have done coolant on both sierras and other minor jobs.

And in and arround this I cracked on with what i could on the Haynes, sides , scuttle, firewall and nosecone are located and mostly done.

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