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Sorry, just seen this.
Yes I am starting the build of an MX5 based roadster. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time but facilities, house, kids, work etc always got in the way. Well now the kids are all grown up and no longer supported by bank of mum and dad, house is paid for. The job has a twist to it. Earlier in the year I was made redundant from my 23 year IT career. Not wanting to continue in IT (too much stress) my son's boss offered me a position in his engineering company. Something I've always wanted to do but couldn't justify the salary drop.
Long story short I now have access to CNC mills, lathes, high tec welding gear, fancy CNC press long enough to fold sides, and just about any bit of engineering equipment you can think of.
Plus this little beauty.

Plus we have space for me to build it at the factory. The stars have aligned.

Donor has been purchased although I'm having trouble bringing myself to break it. One of the cleanest MX5 mk2 I've seen.

Engine is shot but I'm picking up an engine and gearbox (Mk2 1.8) on sunday for little money.
Plan is for a pretty major build starting with engine which will be going the turbo route using Garrett GT2554 coupled with Emerald ECU. Forged rods and pistons. Sump will be a new one machined out of billet ali. Probably make all the pulleys as well.

Chassis will be built between xmas and new year as plan to use the welding table which is big enough to fit chassis on, has less than 2 thou run out and some fancy clamping options. Had plenty of practice with the welder. Must have done over a thousand welds in the last 3 weeks.

No set timescale for this project. For me it's as much about the build as the finished item.
Probably start a build thread once chassis construction is underway.

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