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Yeah FWD VWs and audis, I've had a fair few, not great at getting off the line and not as reliable as people would have you think. Anyway back to the MX5, I can't believe they fitted an aluminium sump and a stainless steel exhaust manifold as standard, such a bonus, engine should be nice and lightweight, bye bye production car understeer!

I'm reading a book about the design/development of the MX5, weight was a massive deal, people were threatened if weight wasn't kept to a minimum. They even lightened the crank and flywheel compared to the 323 transverse engine it was based on allowing to rev to 7200rpm.

The Donor is a 1.6 1995 model but it isn't the later tweaked 90 bhp engine that was not available to buy till Nov 1995 and had a steel sump. Mines a May 1995 and has a B6 engine code. So if anyones looking to buy a 1995 mx5 check the engine code is the correct for the one your after and seeing as the emission test was tightened up for cars after August 1995 you may want to play safe with the earlier engine. The 90bhp engine code starts with BP. Had another nose under the engine bay today just before dark, the rad fan is only half the size of the radiator and looks like it will be suitable for the roadster if it can be made to attach to the polo radiator.

Signed up to mx5oc forum to get a seller thread going when I'm ready to break the car down.

Need to get the garage sorted first and get some welding practice in before building the build table. Took some measurement and if I keep the garage clear I should be able to keep the whole car in the garage when finished along with other essential garage belongings. I may need to sort a shed at some point though for the gardening tools. I digress...

That is all goodnight.

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