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Originally Posted by robo View Post
I have lost count of the cars I have tuned and ended up over doing it. N/A wants to be kept to a mild cam, sensible comp ratio and a well sorted ignition/fuel set up. That way it keeps the all important driveability and remains useable on pump fuel. If you want more, turbo is the only way.
Just a thought,
My old Subaru Impreza WRX (as my avatar) had some fancy fuel management system and was pumping out around 350BHP, it had a "Dual map " setup where i could use on one setting for "Road" (mild boost) use and another setting for performance (WILD boost) including launch control etc .

Could something like this be implemented into one of these Fuel management systems that have been mentioned.
Would probably only realy be worthwhile if the motor was turbo'd .
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