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Originally Posted by gingea1pom View Post
Cheers Mark, that makes sense, I will calm down with my flap disc.

Ash, I have all the suspension brackets, just need to make the jigs and get some threaded bar.

How’s your hand? My arm feels like normal just looks odd now.
hand is still killing me. found it hard going fiting the fuel pump with dave the other day. the biggest problem is that its on the bloomin joint and keeps cracking open and pissing blood everywhere when i move my hand. on the plus side its not swolen any more. glad to hear your mending better than me

threaded bar is nice and cheep in screwfix. dont use it for anything other than doing your brackets though as its not high tensile. if you had mentioned it when you were up you could have took some of mine as it was surplus to requirements aftr i had done my sus brackets.
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