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Originally Posted by SeriesLandy View Post
The v55/5 was quite easy. There is a guide online if you google it.
The v627 was a bit harder.
As far as I can tell (and they didn't question my application) your car details go in the top right (not the donor) and the rest of the details are for the components.
With the receipts make sure that the chassis one says "new and unused on it". If it doesn't use word to add it in
Originally Posted by Davidbolam View Post
if you got the vin number from the dvla I would pop a copy of the letter in as well. mine was delayed as the vin number wasn't on the Saturn invoice! I had to tell them the number was issued by them.

anyway good look with the forms and drop me a line if you need any help

Good info thanks, I will be in touch!
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