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Originally Posted by 3GE Components View Post
Obvioulsy I can't comment on other companies bush kits, only our own.

We produce our own kits, we don't buy from other companies and add a mark up. We use stainless steel for the crush tubes not mild steel, these are machined from solid bar on a CNC lathe to high tolerances. We don't use thick wall tube cut on a band saw (I've seen this done)

Yes, we are a bit more, but that's because of the cost of the materials and method of manufacture that we use.

For comparison I've listed everyones bush kits below along with a picture of their product, prices include VAT & postage....


Rally Design....96.50

Saturn Sports Cars....108

3GE Components....112.70

Kind regards

Quite one of the most ambiguous postings I have seen on a forum....first of all the photos shown of 8 bushes are all of Rally Design bushes lifted from our website....the copyright of such photos is held by the photographer and permission to reproduce has to be sought from the owner,to my knowledge 3GE components has not sought such of the leading Rally sport catalogue companies ignored this ownership and once Rally Design and Demon Tweeks lawyers had finished their action the settlement was over 80k,be warned there is often more value in photos and text than the product it shows. OK your photo shows only 8 Rally Design bushes against 22 3GE bushes yet your prices seem to suggest otherwise. Looking on the 3GE Website 22 bushes are listed at 104.70, 4.76 each,the Rally Design Website PB121,Locost bush are 28.00 set 8,3.50 each....Rally Design is cheaper.
Also our crush tubes are 316 stainless,CNC hi-speed machined,also note that the Polybushes are injection moulded using the correct Shore hardness of polyurethane. Before the get what you pay for brigade come rolling in....the reason our bushes are so competitive is we machine the crush washers 5000 batch and because our poly is injection moulded there is no machined scrap, its all about investment in tooling for the longer term which is why RD are so competitive on so many products. You should ask if the bushes have been machined from the correct hardness of Urethane or Nylon if you want to avoid unnecessary harshness. The method of cold pouring to produce bushes as used by Superflex or Powerflex produces a quality high compliant bush but the amount of hand finishing is why their bushes tend to be expensive.
Don't normally get involved in arguments on these forums but this posting was so misleading and factually incorrect I couldn't resist making a response. By the way great to see so many of you at Stoneleigh.
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