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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
Hi Ray, that is for a "normal" seat belt with a diagonal strap that goes from (on driver's side) right shoulder to left hip, harnesses are not diagonal belts. I was quite surprised that there was not a requirement for spacing of upper mounts when there is one for lower mounts. I guess I will just do mine so they are comfortable. Thanks for your responses and for taking the time to look it up.
The main thing he will check Dave is the the upper mounts are not lower than your shoulders so that they do not go up from the mounts to pass over your shoulders. They need to be level or above your shoulders. The strength of the brackets and bolts, plus that when your belts are tight you can release the catch and comfortably remove your arms / shoulders from the belt without slackening them off, he will try this himself a few times. Stick with the industry standard 7/16 unf 8.8 grade bolts and nuts (should be marked on the bolt) just to be sure.

Maybe we'll get another first time pass.......

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