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I have reread this topic and feel that we need to get the seat belt rules clear and made sticky.
On rereading the thread it is clear that some people are posting answers that just are not correct or are posting hearsay as truth.
I have been involved in a lot of builds (still am) and have been at 2 SVA's and 1 IVA all first time passes so I have gained some experience and knowledge and have had tests like the seatbelt mountings explained yo me by the tester whilst he conducted the test.
You cannot set the seat belt upper mounting point without the seats fitted, you can guestimate this to a certain extent.
First to find the upper seat belt minimum height cut a block of wood 136mm long and 53mm thick, place the block on the seat base longways and push it back so one end touches the seat back. From the front top edge
Measure straight up 450mm, use a plumb bob or spirit level, Mark the 450mm height, the using string or spirit level run backwards at 90degs to where you would like to mount the seat belts ( or the bar the belts will run over) add a few more mm to put it safely higher.
To clarify the minimum upper seat belt mounting height wil be seat and seat runner thickness + 53mm + 450mm.
At least 550mm from the floor I would think.
I hope this clears things up.
It worries me that people will search threads in the future and confuse speculation with fact and fail.

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