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Default Wondering if I buy an Esab LKA 150

I never been really satisfied with my welder, and there is a second hand ESAB for sale. On the paper, powers are the same, but I have hard time to interpret the technical datas. What I'm looking for is a slightly more powerful welder, as mine looks to have hard time with 3mm plates. Could you please tell me if it is worth to by the ESAB ? I bought my welder 2nd hand for 100 euros. The ESAB is for sale at 160 euros including a 5 liter gaz tube, so it looks like a pretty good deal to me. But will it be more powerful ?
Thanks for your answer and advices, here are the technical datas for both welders :

My MIG Welder : Easycraft 145 :

Main Voltage 230V
Battery Capacity 2,5 KVA
No load voltage 20-32V
Welding current 35-120A
Duty Cycle 15% 120A
Duty Cycle 60% 70A
Duty Cycle 100% 58A
Power settings 4
Wire spool 0,5-5kg
Wire (steel) 0,6-0,8 mm
Insulation class F
Protection degree P21
Box volume 0,061m3
Size 295x570x365
Weight 25,6kg

The Esab LKA150 I might buy :

Mains supply 230 V,1−fas 50 Hz
Fuse, slow 10 A
Mains lead 3x1,5 mm2
Wire feed speed 2,5−15 m/min.
Wire sizes Unalloyed 0,6−0,8 mm
Voltage steps 7
Maximum load 100A/20%,55A/60%,40A/100%
Open circuit voltage 16−28 V
Wire reel capacity 1−5 kg.(max reel diam.,200 mm)
Weight 34 kg
Dimensions lxbxh 670x280x380
Enclosure class IP 21
Application class S
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