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Originally Posted by Ianr View Post
Thanks Chris, I agree about these forums, we would all get there but without the mass of information available here it would be a much harder job.
I saw that link a little earlier, it says it probably is the right rack but doesn't confirm it. I tried phoning QH earlier to be told they went into liquidation 5 years ago! As yet I've not found an old parts book.
I have managed to find some measurements a few minutes ago on the web which tend to make me think it is right so I an going to carry on with it. I've also just found a company called Bearingboys which is only about 20 miles from me which I am going to call later and maybe get the stops sorted there.
Thanks again for the link and thanks for posting all the info about your build, I'm afraid I am going to copy a lot of what you did - including the first time IVA pass - hopefully
Copy away, I'm flattered. I've read read blog. You've have an interesting car history. You need to start a build thread if you haven't already. Let me know if I can be any help. Cheers
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