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Smile She Passed!!!!!!

We've just returned from the VOSA test station at Nottingham and we are pleased to say that the car passed with no issues other than a bit of missed trimming here and there.
The trip was quite eventful as the regulator decided to pack in and thrust 17v towards the battery. So we arrived with a ballooned battery, busy spitting acid and no headlight bulbs.
Fortunately there was a battery shop (really) just 350 yds from the test station and the tester allowed us to fit the replacement parts whilst he did all the testing he could without an engine.

We called at the DVLA on the way back and rather disappointingly the first date for inspection is a fortnight away. So we now have to wait for the reg plate.

Anyway, the drive back was fantastic and if every ride has the same grin factor, then the hard work was worth it.

Thanks to Chris, for doing the book and for the hands on help,
Thanks to Martin for all the assistance
Can't wait to get her out there for real
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