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Originally Posted by CTWV50 View Post
Few IVA questions.

1. Do I need the Headlight aim bang on for the test or will they let me adjust for the lightbox machine they use?

2. I have a extra fuse in my loom but it's not in the fuse box but tape/zipped to the side of the loom. It's not exposed but is visible. Will they pull me on this?

3. I have reused some of the mazda tank breather hoses. They are old but are not damaged or cracked. Will they get me on the age of the hoses? (I reused as they are shaped correctly for the route I ended up using for the tank drain.)

4. Unlike most, I have used OEM rubber hoses that are marked "/ DOT CEF 1/8 HL SAE J 1401 038 -- 43 11 10 / ". I assume this is enough for the IVA. Am I wrong?
My tester helped adjust the lights during the test

I don't think the tester looked at any dates or markings on pipes or hoses

Make sure that you make a file that has lots of photos of things like the earth bond for the tank etc

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