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Angry Haynes roadster Facebook page

Good morning everyone, please can someone in the know accept my join request for the Facebook page ? It's been over a week now. I understand this forum is very in active, but I understand the Facebook page is active. Some of the latest threads on this forum is June 2017 ! I think it needs refreshing, maybe an administrator shaking it up a bit to keep it fresh ? I am a member on the MEV forum & Stuart Mills is always on taking care of things and posting regularly. Maybe this is why the MEV is the most successful brand, because you feel 'involved'? Either way, it's taking an age for new people to get accepted onto this forum & Facebook page, maybe because of this it's scaring people off the brand, killing the forums as a result. It is a shame really, this is the cheapest entry point into the kit car world, we should be thriving in financial tough times, not declining.
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