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As above, the forum and FB page are entirely separate, good luck getting responses re the forum, I have found the best route is call haynes directly and prompt them. I have messaged Barry (page admin) re the outstanding FB membership requests but please note he last posted in the group 20/8/17, he's not on my friends list but from what I can see on his timeline he last posted 6/12/17.

I get that people like to use facebook for its convenience but it makes a poor database of information and with the book having been out of print for some time and copies being harder to obtain therefore the number of builders dwindling it goes to reason that the more outlets that are trying to service the same crowd will only result in diluted information.

There are elements within Haynes just waiting to close this off and the fewer posts there are the quicker that will happen so maybe with this being the biggest catalogue of info of them all it should get the most support.
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