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Originally Posted by brainbug007 View Post
Here's the master cylinder I have, it came out of a 1993 1.8 CVH CFi. I tried to measure it and it looks like roughly 41mm but it's hard to be sure as the bit at the top isnt the same as the bit at the bottom so to speak. If possible I would prefer the throttle in 5mm as well as the brake & clutch. I know it's probly overkill but it'd be a right pain to remake at a later date if it bent / broke.
its the bit on the far left we are intersted in from what i can see its got a step in it so its a (41mm) big hole type there are ones with difrent outlet postions and as i said i have a throttle peddal in 5mm spare i can put in your kit just ad yourself to the list with a note if you want it

im not doing any 5mm throttles as i cant get anywhere to do less than 10 sets and i dont want to f**k the guy about its been hard enough to get anyone to do a quote to do the job and i am not doing this for profit just so i can get a set for my own car!
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