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Make sure you are reading the current version of the IVA manual, I remember reading that it had been amended to read 'locked in a set position' in which case you can do this with washers between the bearing and each clevis then more washers with a plain nut on each end. Lockwire the nuts in place but for testing and 'on the day correction' it is still adjustable and re-lockable.

copied from the website

Note 5: Bias bars and other mechanical adjusting devices fitted to twin
master cylinders must be rendered inoperable by mechanical means
e.g. lockwiring of components.

Note 6: Adjusting front/rear brake bias may invalidate approval and
breach Construction and Use requirements.

26. It must not be possible to manually adjust braking rates between
axles see note 4 and 5
(so no manual adjustment from the drivers seat)

27. Vehicles fitted with adjustable twin master cylinders that have been
rendered inoperable by mechanical means to comply with RS 26
must have a label affixed on the master cylinder or the immediate
vicinity with legible text as detailed in note 6.
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