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Originally Posted by drury318 View Post
Looks like a module from an OHV escort/Fiesta, an ESC2 module, this will run a coilpack it just needs its own 12v supplies & earths and an input from a crank sensor. Wiring diagrams are easily available on the net, I have heard of folk running Zetecs from this set up, of course this is for spark only, it will not run fuel injection at all, you would need carbs. Dennis
YES You are right Dennis
it does work loads of people have done it this way
as you said loads of info on the web like zetec inside and zetec tiger (i think ) or tiger cat inside ......
the only difference would be if this set was going on a zetec then the trigger wheel wont be used as the zetec triggers the pickup via its flywheel
that set up would work on say a cvh or pinto the hardest bit would be to mount that trigger wheel on the front pulley ( probably easier just to buy a new trigger wheel from ahem .......trigger wheels
cheers les g
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