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Originally Posted by SeriesLandy View Post
It will flex when you brake. I changed mine to 3 and it was hard changing it afterwards. It also isn't really think enough for the steering column bearing.
Plan on using a different one if your going for a sierra column.
Search ebay for SLFL 25 Self Lube Bearing.
Lastly. Cut out plate where the handbrake cable goes through and weld it in vertical rather than on an angle, as it puts pressure of the handbrake cable and doesn't let it flow as easily. Lastly cut 2 slits into the plate so you can get the cable through the plate without taking the cable to bits.
I hope I don't sound too bossy but they are things I would have done the first time if I was doing the car again.
Ok mate cheers, no problems, grateful for the input, how wide do the slits want to be? And I will order a bearing in a min!

Thanks again
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