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Solution to steering rack clearance issue. Turned alluminium tapered insert fitted into control arm on upright reamed to take standard ford rs2000 track rod ends from the top as opposed to underneath. Picture taken without rack in place but gives an idea how much clearance there is now. Its yet to be seen if there is any significant change to the amount of bump steer as the instant centre position is changed from the original setup, but either way its safer than having contact between rack and wishbone. I did toy with the idea of changing the upper wishbone to induce some negative castor, both to help lift the control arms and help with self centering, but it would be no consellation to those who have already made their wishbones so i think this is the best solution, although iirc talon was talking about using the bent bmw track rod ends- thats another solution well worth playing with, i dont know if hes tried it might be worth a mention.

David bolam was asking about wingstays, if you make them like mine, just be sure to make sure the return angle at the bottom clears the wishbone plates at full hight of travel otherwise if there is any interference it could cause an accident whilst flying over the brow of a hill not being able to steer, probably best to use the dust cover holes as mounting points as suggested, something i never thought of duh

A few build photos...

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