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Question Triton Rear Panel

At present I am trying to sort the steelwork to support the triton rear panel. I originally fitted the curved support plates to the side of the cockpit. I have now removed these as they aren't required with fabby's bodywork.

My question though is does a book size fuel tank fit with the triton rear panel?

Also where should I be lining the rear panel up with to set fore and aft position?

How much of a slope should there be at the back of the panel. Ie offset from vertical from bottom to top edge?

Is it just a case of having the fuel tank in position, and getting the panel to fit where I can. At present I think the top of the panel is 20mm to far forward as the tank doesn't fit in the space left.

I am unable to trim the panel at the moment as TNT split it and I am waiting for them to collect it, and get a replacement from fabby.


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