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Originally Posted by adrianreeve View Post

Saw recently that a book fuel tank doesn't fit behind a fibreglass rear tub. Anyone know why not, and what mods are required?


When i fitted my fuel tank i originally made it to the book spec, with my rear end to the book spec with the curved rear rails. I had to modify the Triton rear end to fit it. The book fuel tank was a very tight fit then. But yes your right when Mark made the rear end plugs he just had a set of dimensions to work from and when the final design of the car was made the rear end was slightly different. So the fuel tank needs to be about 40mm narrower to fit, the fuel tank can be raised to keep capacity.

The rear end is easier to fabricate with the Triton / Saturn rear end but you will have to modify the fuel tank. For some parts of the work, ie fuel tank, rear end chassis and radiator it can be beneficial to have the relevant body while fitting. I'm not fishing by the way it just can make it easier......
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