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Originally Posted by Mking View Post
Great progress and heartening to see someone building in a similar sized garage to me. I'm interested in the suggestion that you screw the chassis to the build table to keep it flat and prevent distortion. That was my plan but I am sure someone warned off doing that in case it masked distortion which only then became apparent once the chassis was unscrewed. As the consensus on here seems to be that that is not the case, I'll follow your lead.

I look forward to seeing your build progress.
My garage is not the largest but hay, I've seen treads of people building it outside and in sheds so I'm sure I'll manage in my modest garage. I was going to leave it loose on the table but as I was tacking it the front started lifting so I went with, if it started lifting when tacking it would be a bannah when I start fully welding it. I keep checking for sag on my build table and the measurements of my chassis to try and catch any problems but like you say the true test will be once I unscrew it from the table.
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