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Ive moved from the std vauxhall wheel as my original sensor was fubar ! The new sensor (oem. ) is no good as the ecu is set for vr not hall effect plus i couldnt find any documentation on the sensor wiring for oem.

Switched to trigger wheels universal trigger wheel ( bought the wideband from them too )and its steel ;-) and sourced x 2 ford sensors from a scrap yard. Both tested ok with the multimeter changing resistance upon waving metal.

I did try retro fitting a ford vr sensor down the old vaux sensor to see if that would work with the std wheel 60-2 and std 114 deg setting
. No joy !

The ecu was built by phil at extra efi and his aftersales is bob on but many thinkers find ye problem ! Ive got to do a data log of the ford sensor in both polaritys tomorrow but i know im not receiving any rpm in either wiring condition

Just really really getting me down now ive overcome some quite large challenges on my build now im being taunted by electronic gremlins !

Soo wish id found a sierra now in the first place ! Would have saved me at least 1k
theres a box ! im not allowed in it ! i have to think outside !
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