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I had a break. I became a bit miffed due to my scuttle top going concave and not being able to figure out why my ecu was losing crank signal.

I still haven't fixed these issues but to bump start my motivation I thought I'd jump ahead and start on the bit I'm most excited about.

Its a TD04L from an Impreza and applying one to an MX5 motor is a well trodden path I'll follow. I went with an external wastegate as I want to clock this in such a way as to make the installation a lot cleaner and to re use the original wastegate would mean welding threaded bosses to the compressor housing. I didn't realise the external gate was so large but that shouldn't be a problem. My exhaust was built with this in mind so a simple link tube should be easy to make to link it all up. Then its time to mount an intercooler, pipes, recirc valve, oil feed and drain plus some coolant pipes to the turbo core and then we're sorted!
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