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Well not much progress to shout about lately. Crap weather has had a knock on effect on my ability to get off my arse.
Managed to get the rear 'rolling', new bearings, discs & pads, fully assembled and rotating freely.
Moved on to the front and after several hours/days of head scratching and forum searching finally I found that I had made a bit of a cockup on the front lower wishbones - for some reason I misread the dimensions to 365 instead of 395! - bugger! - a few quick mails and Phil to the rescue.

Also managed to get my engine sorted, 2.0 blacktop, practically new, 30k on it.
Eaton m45 charger due for arrival on Friday so hopefully will have this weekend to investigate fabrication methods.

Ecu choice still needs to be decided upon, was always inclined to go mega squirt but struggling to find any local tuners who will touch it.
Total Spent so far - £xxxxx
Last Purchase - Engine mounts, steering wheel, slave cylinder.
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