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Thanks David, it really helps with the motivation. After a blast or 2 in other people's cars I get home 'full of beans' and crack on as much as I can.
I must have 1000+ pictures just a pita uploading them all....
I am using the highlights approach

Some parts of the build so far have been really frustrating, however at the moment I am well focused to the 1st milestone of a rolling chassis and the jobs to do are quite fun.
I must admit, the pedal setup has really perked me up a bit after a tedious few weeks pondering over wheel bearings and cv's.

Ps. Cheers for the lend of the engine hoist, I must have had engine(s) in and out over 10 times already.
Total Spent so far - £xxxxx
Last Purchase - Engine mounts, steering wheel, slave cylinder.
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