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Originally Posted by NeilW View Post
I tried to tackle the gearbox seals yesterday and I am a bit concerned (as usual). The seal at the outer end where prop shaft inserts is a bugger to get out. Should I be ok to try and prise it out with a flat blade against the toothed shaft? Before I start I thought I'd ask how people have removed it. Google is full of info saying lever it against the shaft but some people report all kinds of issues.

Also, a noob question if I may.... Am I ok to cable tie the cv boots on the driveshafts? I got some metal straps included but there a pita to put on.
I had a quote from easi gears at thornaby and they were quoting 150quid all in to pull it apart clean and Inspect all the internals paint the case and put it back together with new seals maybe if you unsure its worth the coins
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