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Quick update, I am away now for a month so progress will be halted. I still plan for a Christmas finish (not sure which year though!).
Some progress was made last week..
Engine relocated slightly, needed to move 1" to the NS
Fuel tank and mushrooms - thanks to Kev
Front hubs reamed - thanks to Paul
Got some new 15" speedline corse alloys with Michelins
Eaton M45 received - this will be sold on later (surplus to requirements now I have another plan).
Now the fun part....
In the states Zetec performance parts are everywhere. So far I have purchased a rotrex c31-80 charger and kit, powerworks inlet and a Ford Racing Head (these are like rocky horse s**t). Awaiting delivery of an Omex ecu with a bit of luck (only $400).
The search continues but I am sure I am over my weight limit now - looks like additional baggage required!
Total Spent so far - £xxxxx
Last Purchase - Engine mounts, steering wheel, slave cylinder.
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