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Originally Posted by baz-r View Post
well i got all my bits now and have trimmed a few bits and bobs to alow panels to be placed on the chassis.
to get best fit what is the best order to go about it?
like does the sides go under the scuttle or do i trim out the area where the scuttle fits to top rail? same where the nose goes etc.
then there is the side to tub interface?
im was thinking of order

1. rear tub
2. sides
3. nose
4. scuttle
5. bonnet

last thing i want is a mistake
Pre fit the sides, hold them in place with clecos then line up the scuttle with the angle change on the side panels(rear edge of scuttle sits right on the angle change) temp fit it. Then bonnet then nose cone should if you have made the chassis the right length the nose sits all but touching the top front rail..........simples
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