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Originally Posted by Ben_Copeland View Post
As with Mick,

Perfect fit, and the original panels/mould where built on a Haynes chassis.

How have you stored the panel? It's not been laying on it's back with the sides in the air has it??
It has mostly been stored in the position it would actually be fitted to the chassis - but has spent some time as you've described.

I do understand that GRP can warp - and be bent back to shape too - but given the 'lip' that the moulding has - I'm not sure how the whole thing is slightly too wide though? It's not as though it has splayed outwards at the open end - it's as though the whole panel (i.e. - the bit the numberplate will attach to) is a few mm wider than it needs to be...

Anyway - regardless of how it has got like this - what's the best approach to get it to fit?

a) mount the rear panel and side panels slightly away from the chassis (pad it out with something)
b) try and persuade the rear panel to fit to the chassis somehow
c) something else
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