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Default Neil's Build Thread

Well after months and months i finally put the wheels in motion, not literally but its a start!

Progress will be slow as i now work abroad 3 weeks every 4 but will try to update whenever possible.

Anyways, i spent most of the weekend tidying out the garage, still a bit squishy but its a vast improvement to say the least...

Then knocking up the build table was quite fun, note to self - carrying an 8x4 on a windy day is not a good idea.

Next was sorting the fresh arrival of my TMXR chassis steel - much thanks to Phil at Talon. Great support especially over xmas time.

After then blowing the cobwebs from the set squares i could start to tack the chassis together.

Had a real nightmare looking for gas bottles on Sunday for my MiG so ended up tacking together using the arc.
After several hours of swapping plugs, cleaning earth clamps and angle grinding i managed to make some progress but will need further attention once i get mig going.

Any welders out there who charge by the day and accept cups of tea on tap are welcome to apply!

Next tasks - sort garage lighting cos its pants, find donor, order wishbone steel.

Apologies if photos are huge! Its a nightmare trying to insert from the ipad.

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